About PGP

We represent the strong majority of people who want common sense and good governance to prevail in our parks. We understand that the protection of nature is vital to our health and well-being. We are Friends of Geauga Parks. We know that the land CONSERVED within our parks underpins the environmental health of the entire community. The point of a park is to connect people with NATURE. Our County parks were expressly created for the preservation and conservation of fast-disappearing natural areas.

Our mission is: To promote, support and actively campaign for Conservation, Preservation and Protection of Nature as the primary mission of our parks.

We advocate for the following COMMON SENSE CRITERIA to be applied in all decisions regarding any use, facility or project within the parks.

~ Is the use compatible with the primary mission to preserve, conserve and protect Natural Resources?

~ Is it fiscally responsible when ALL of the costs are assessed, including the need for additional staff, ranger and maintenance time or increased liability? Are assets managed in a way that enables the park district to continue its mission of Conservation for future generations?

~Is the use necessary? Due diligence must be done to assure that the use is not a duplication of services already available in the county and that the public at large is likely to benefit from this use or facility.

~ Is the decision making process transparent? Has all of the data used to determine the first 3 criteria been made readily available to all citizens during the decision making period? Has the public had the opportunity to comment and have those comments been considered and addressed?

We are Citizens who LOVE our parks.

CONTACT US: info.protectgeauugaparks@gmail.com