Take Action!

We need lots and lots of short letters to the editor about the Parks and their recent activities. Pick a subject and dash off a quick note. Some areas you might want to consider:

1. Park Board meeting times, moved from 6:30 pm to 3:30 pm to 2:00 pm and now to 10:00 am limiting public review

2. Ignoring the Survey because it didn’t turn out their way

3. Giving John Oros unlimited authority in spite of the Judge’s earlier statement that the Board should be the guiding influence; Oros was appointed without a single interview being conducted

4. Promoting Operations people (building and maintenance people) while doing away with a new Naturalist position. What direction is the Park headed?

5. The constant turnover in Board positions— two new people this year already

6. A “test” snowmobiling at Observatory Park sprang suddenly on us even after the Survey rejected that idea, after public objections at the Dec. meeting and without any consideration of the environmental impact. This will take place on Sat. and Sun. afternoons when families usually visit the Parks. Shutterbugs program was discontinued as too exclusive, but 40 permits to people who can buy 1000s of dollars of equipment isn’t exclusive?

7. Park Board members who have no idea about conservation, Park history or even their duties as Board members.

Contact information for the local papers: (this is the Plain Dealer)

and of course you can voice your opinion with the board and Mr. Oros:

( the new president of the board)

(vice-president of the board and objects to snowmobiling but board has no vote on Mr. Oros’ agenda)

Make your letters clear and to the point. Check your facts. Many short good letters will be printed. Let’s stop the Grendell Games with our parks.

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