Past Snowmobile Complaints

In response to the Geauga Park District’s decision to allow snowmobiling at Observatory Park, I made a public records request to the Park District for all citations issued and complaints made regarding snowmobiles in any of the Geauga County Parks over the last 2 years. John Oros emailed me that there were “no records” pertaining to my request, meaning that the Park District had no record of any citations or complaints made about snowmobiles in the parks.

Imagine my surprise when I then learned that a complaint was made to the rangers last year about a snowmobile in Beartown Lakes Reservation. Why didn’t Mr. Oros provide me with documentation of that complaint?


Editor’s Note: The photographs below were posted on the Protect Geauga Parks Facebook Group on February 3, 2015. The photographs were also submitted to the Geauga Parks Rangers at that time.

10941903_10203640252753444_8756062402912249535_n 10339710_10203640252913448_7926492294259893588_n 10952140_10203640253313458_5217772062774999194_n 10367680_10203640254113478_5748974573149130647_n 10612592_10203640254873497_7462287442372274896_n

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