Shelter Gathering at Observatory Park—Update

Hey everybody! we will be meeting informally at the Observatory park Shelter this Saturday and Sunday afternoons 12 -5. Stop on by to chat or ask questions about PGP or just hang out and take a walk! ALSO!!! VERY IMPORTANT the Geauga Park District Board Meeting is on THIS TUESDAY Feb.9th at 10:00 AM at the Meyers Center at Big Creek Park.
We hope to have a good turn out. This will only be the second meeting of the new board of commisioners and they will be voting on a motion to give Executive Director John Oros some unprecedented powers!!!!

It was a nice afternoon at Observatory Park, but we were disappointed because there were no snowmobiles to be seen! Too bad. Despite the lack of snow, there is still plenty to see and experience at Observatory Park. We’ll be there again tomorrow afternoon so we hope to see you there.

16005-001Observatory Park

The barricades and signs are still in place and have been continuously for two weeks. They give the impression that the trails are closed to all activity except snowmobiling regardless of the weather or other factors.










16005-002Observatory Park

The meadow next to the trail has been torn up by some heavy equipment, probably a tractor. Does anyone have an explanation for this?16005-007Observatory Park 16005-003Observatory Park 16005-008Observatory Park

16005-012Observatory Park

Nassau Station Observatory.

There are some beautiful sights along the trail that loops through the woods west of Nassau Station.

There are some beautiful sights along the trail that loops through the woods west of Nassau Station.









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  1. For anyone coming out today we’ll be there beginning at 1:00 ( not 12) it will be a nice day to take a walk on the trails and get to know Observstory Park by day


    • The tractor disturbance along the trail is consistent with preparation for early spring seeding of wildflowers and or prairie species… I hope that is the plan.
      Note that there were a number of others – not from our group walking the trails all seemed quite happy to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine in PEACE without the roar of thrill machines!


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