The Global Solution to Extinction

Dr. Edward O. Wilson’s 50% solution appears to be radical and over-ambitious—but, as he argues very effectively, it is not unattainable and may be the only hope for preventing us humans from eventually joining the endangered species list.


From the New York Times, March 12, 2016

“The disappearance of natural habitat is the primary cause of biological diversity loss at every level — ecosystems, species and genes, all of them. Only by the preservation of much more natural habitat than previously envisioned can extinction be brought close to a sustainable level.”


The Global Solution to Extinction


It is not too late to halt the alarming loss of species and biodiversity threatening the planet.

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  1. E. O. Wilson is very wise when it comes to these things and one of my heroes. I agree completely; living things require lots of space, including buffer areas and refugia.


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