Letters to the Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, March 31, 2016



Stand up, show some guts

Where are the old-school Republicans? Why are you letting the tea party take over the GOP?

I know for a fact that there are a lot of Republicans that own and preserve large sections of land in Geauga County and who appreciate what “preserve and protect” mean and who understand why it’s so important to them and future generations of people who will inhabit our beautiful and natural area when we are gone.

For crying out loud, can’t you do something about the faction of your party that wants to pave, mow and develop the Geauga Park District?

This is not a political fight between two parties. It’s time for citizens from both and all political parties to make your voices heard, or you will have no right to complain when your county looks like Mentor. Stand up and show some guts.

Paul Kovac, Chardon


Judge misuses newsletter

This letter is the result of my disgust after reading Judge Timothy Grendell’s most recent ad inside the front cover of the Geauga parks newsletter.

As long as the judge is using the Geauga Park District’s newsletter as his personal propaganda ad campaign and bully pulpit, the Protect Geauga Parks group should be entitled to have equal space to educate the public about protecting the parks from the judge’s decisions. It is a public publication paid for by all of us who pay taxes in Geauga County. His inaccurate comments make me sick.

I raised four kids in Geauga who all played sports on our community ball fields and school fields over the past 30 years. We also enjoyed hiking and riding horses on the designated bridle trails.

It had to be some dumbbell who would take his kids outside of our area to play — if the judge is even telling the truth. I have a friend in Mentor who brings her kids to Chester to play at Parkside.

How did this guy become so tyrannical and narrow minded? I liked him in the Statehouse, and he represented us well at that time — much to Gov. John Kasich’s displeasure.

Christina Knauer, Chester


Fairness, due process gone

In his recent guest column, we appreciate that Judge Timothy J. Grendell takes us through a short tutorial on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and their functions.

He also points out that the probate court should be the least controversial and adversarial of these elected county court positions. This may have been the case under the guidance of the late Judge Chip Henry, but, under Mr. Grendell’s reign, the lack of consideration of the law, fairness and due process has made this a very adversarial and controversial position.

I’m continually intrigued as to why the judge and the Geauga Park District commissioners — 12 so far and counting in 30 months, no institutional memory whatsoever — decided to ignore and decided not to publish the public survey of Geauga citizens conducted in March 2015 which cost the taxpayers $9,700. Where is this fairness and due process referred to by Mr. Grendell?

The arbitrary decision to appoint John Oros Geauga Park District director without interviewing any of the 26 applications appears to fly in the face of the judge’s tutorial on the law, fairness and due process.

Moving the Geauga park commissioners meetings to invite the least amount of citizen input, arbitrarily canceling and arbitrarily rescheduling these public meetings continues. The last board of commissioners meeting was scheduled on primary election day at 10 a.m.

There is no five-year strategic plan. There has been no report to the public since 2013. The list of arbitrary decisions could go on, but I think that the citizens of Geauga county would prefer to see the law, fairness and due process actually practiced by our probate judge.

In February, over 2,000 signatures on the petition to remove Tim Grendell from office was presented to the Ohio legislators. These Geauga County citizens and many, many others would like to actually see the law, fairness and due process returned to the Geauga probate judge’s chambers.

When it comes to the Geauga Park District, Mr. Grendell appears “to know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Please continue to help Protect Geauga Parks to continue the scrutiny of this probate judge’s approach to “the law, fairness and due process.”

Bill Franz, Bainbridge

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