Reminder!—Park Board Meeting

Please come to the Park Board Meeting next Tuesday morning to remind the Commissioners and Mr. Oros that we are paying attention and remain committed to protecting the original mission of the Park to Preserve Conserve and Protect the natural resources of Geauga County.  The response to our request for the agenda and documents relating to the meeting has been (conveniently?) delayed and we will not have that information until Monday.  That is even more reason to go and ask questions about why the public is kept from knowing what the park is doing and why there seems to be a secretive atmosphere when questions are asked at park board meetings, by email and by letter.  Perhaps you have questions about the costs of the recent television ads, with two of the three ads featuring both Tim and Diane Grendell, using space that could have featured park staff or members of the public enjoying the parks or EVEN THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE PARKS THEMSELVES.

The meeting is Tuesday, June 14, at 10:00 AM in the Meyer Center at Big Creek Park. 

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