Parks to Public: “Shut the **** Up!”

16026-005Think about it.  The Geauga Park District – a PUBLIC, taxpayer funded organization SHUT DOWN PUBLIC COMMENT at the June 14 Board of Commissioners Meeting by removing it from the agenda.  The commissioners will vote at the next meeting to take public comment and all standard agenda items off the required agenda—leaving it to the Executive Director and Board President to decide month to month on what to include on the agenda.  Who is running the show here?  Who makes these decisions?  It appears to be unprecedented to remove public input from a public park board meeting. 

If you are outraged—and you should be—spread the word far and wide. Here are a few things you can do:

1.  Write to local newspapers (info below)

2.  Write to John Oros, Geauga Park Executive Director (email and address below)

3.  Write to the Geauga Park Commissioners (email and address below)

4.  Forward this message to others 

The next Park Board meeting is July 5th at 10:00AM at the Meyer Center, Big Creek Park.  


News Herald

7085 Mentor Avenue
Willoughby, OH  44094

Chagrin Valley Times

P.O. Box 150
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Maple Leaf

100 Center Street Suite 250
Chardon, OH 44024

Chesterland News

8389 Mayfield Rd. Suite B-5
Chesterland, OH  44026

Plain Dealer/

Send to :  Letters to the Editor  

Northeast Ohio Media Group

1801 Superior Ave.  Suite 100

Cleveland  Ohio  44114

or fill out form at to submit online

Write to Park Director:

John Oros (director)


Jackie Dottore (Board President)

Len Barker

Bill Gertz

Park Address:

Geauga Park District  Meyer Center

9160 Robinson Rd

Chardon Ohio  44024

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  1. Note that on page 2 of the Summer 2016 Voices of Nature that just arrived, first paragraph in column 2 under Park Board Meetings: Geauga Park District invites and encourages you to**come and let your voice be heard. Please stop by any time during one of our upcoming Board of Park Commissioners meetings. Jane McCullam


  2. Since early 2014, the Parks have repeatedly placed information on the website and in print that contradicts their actual policies and positions. Actions truly speak louder than words.


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