Letters to the Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, June 23, 2016

Now, public told to shut up

Judge Timothy J. Grendell continues to wield his sword of power and arrogance over the peons — the people — of Geauga County. First, it seems, he fires or removes anyone he perceives as intelligent, since it might threaten his “my way or the highway” method of rule over the people and the parks.

And now Geauga Park District Director John Oros has informed the people that they can no longer speak at the so-called public park board meetings. That’s right, we now have no right to speak. He is legally allowed to shut up public opinion at these meetings and has chosen to do so. Apparently, the all-knowing and all-powerful judge has no need for the opinions of mere citizens.

It is time to raise the curtain. He may despise the people, but he cannot silence them.

Rick Webb, Munson

Categories: News

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