Signs of an Awakening in Trumbull County?

The following is an excerpt from an article originally published on, the website of the Youngstown Vindicator. 
It’s clear from this news that the Trumbull County Probate Court Judge and his appointed board members have begun to listen to the concerns of the public and make policy changes accordingly. This stands in stark contrast to the actions of the judge and park board in Geauga County who refuse to respond to requests for information from the public, conduct business in secret and consider it much too inconvenient to allow members of the tax-paying public to speak at public meetings.

Published: Fri, September 9, 2016 @ 12:00 a.m.

mill creek metroparks

Legal counsel to review proposal, issue report

By Jordyn Grzelewski


The Mill Creek MetroParks board revisited a tabled motion that would require the executive director to obtain public board approval for major decisions affecting the park, this time granting its approval.

At a meeting at the MetroParks Farm Thursday, the board unanimously voted in favor of the motion first proposed last month by board member Tom Shipka. This time around, it features the caveat that legal counsel will review the proposal and issue a report on it the next month.

Shipka, who joined the board in June, proposed the motion in reaction to Executive Director Aaron Young’s implementation in February of staff cuts that were not publicly approved by the board. Young discussed the internal reorganization with the board, but acted on it unilaterally.

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