Judge requests meeting with Protect Geauga Parks

On September 15th, Judge Grendell sent a letter to Ed Buckles inviting him and other supporters of Protect Geauga Parks to a meeting with him at the Probate Court to discuss the parks.

On October 10th, I responded as Protect Geauga Parks president, accepting the invitation and requesting that the meeting take place in a more collegial public setting such as at the public library.

On October 21st a response letter was received from the judge reiterating his invitation that the meeting take place at the courthouse.

Protect Geauga Parks advised the judge via mail, phone call and text that the courthouse venue was not acceptable to our group but that PGP representatives would be in a room at Chardon Public Library on the date and time specified by him (October 24th at 6:30 pm).

Protect Geauga Parks representatives convened at the appointed time in the library. Shortly before 6:30, Judge Grendell sent his constable to re-invite and escort us to the courthouse to meet.  We once again declined the offer to meet in the courthouse.

Should Judge Grendell wish to schedule a meeting in a neutral public setting, we would consider attending such meeting.

Kathryn Hanratty

President, Protect Geauga Parks

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