Letter to Editor—Geauga County Maple Leaf—December 22, 2016

Grendell, Oros Do Not Respect Taxpayers

Regarding the continued abuses of the Geauga Park District and particularly the abuses of allowing snowmobiling at Observatory Park, it becomes ever more apparent to the citizens of Geauga County that Tim Grendell, probate judge and John Oros, park district director, have neither respect nor consideration for the expressed concerns and wishes of the taxpayers of Geauga County or, for that matter, the park commissioners to whom John Oros serves.
As I stated in September, “the opaque decision-making mind set” of this probate judge demeans the ideas of fairness, due process and the law, which he obviously does not embrace.
It would be apparent that the general “overreach” of this probate judge continues to reach new lows. Director John Oros is continually used as Grendell’s “mouthpiece” and “firewall? Both of which are expendable and replaceable.
For the last six months, the Geauga parks commissioners have not allowed public input at their meetings. John Oros appears to run the meetings. Where is the oversight and legitimate scrutiny of the Geauga Park commissioners.?
Please consider the following as examples of blatant disrespect of Geauga Park properties.
Closing parks for days at a time to allow recreational hunting that has not been designated necessary by (The Ohio Department of ) Natural Resources.
Raffling off hunting privileges in our public parks as a “gift” to a few select organizations;
Opening Observatory Park to snowmobiles at night – risking the International Dark Sky designation of this special park. The $2,000,000, which paid for Observatory Park, came from private (not taxpayer) monies. Grendell and Oros’ myopic and politically motivated decisions to promote snowmobiling there will inevitably damage the property and will jeopardize the Dark Sky Certification.
Closing Observatory Park to the public to allow a few people with snowmobiles to monopolize the park.
More recent plans up for discussion (if they discuss rather than rubber stamp) Ziplines, climbing walls and BMX bike trails planned for the Hyde Kaplan preserve.
Please support Protect Geauga Parks and its effort to shine the light of transparency on these abuses.
Bill Franz, Bainbridge Township

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