Letters to the Editor—MapleLeaf, March 23, 2017

‘Opaque and Sad’


As an occasional contributor to the letters to the editor regarding our Geauga Parks, I am continually intrigued by “the opaque decision making mind set” of this probate judge, director and board of commissioners.

It demeans the ideas of fairness, due process and the law, which the judge obviously does not embrace.

Several weeks ago, I read that volunteers were being sought to give the park board  “input.” I’m not clear why the citizens of Geauga County would not consider this request to be disingenuous, or that it would have any real input or value. Who would be the final arbiter of the committee’s membership? Why not utilize the public survey of 2013 for which the park district spent $11,000 and, unfortunately, was never reviewed or discussed publicly?

The continued lack of transparency on the part of the probate judge, park director and commissioners shows no sign of abetting. The apparent climate of “overreach” of this probate judge continues to reach new lows.

Please support the efforts of Protect Geauga Parks and their efforts to shine light on the continuously opaque and sad park board.


Bill Franz

Bainbridge Township


‘Same Old, Same Old’


Many of you I’m sure have heard that Judge Timothy Grendell is forming a citizens advisory committee for the Geauga Park District.

How strange in that the park district recently conducted a professional survey of public opinion and has made no effort to publicize the results, likely because the good judge did not like what the public wanted in parks.

Strange because the park commissioners refuse to allow public comment or questions at commissioners meetings, and seldom answer emails or other questions from the public.

Strange because Director Oros falls in line in generally refusing to answer questions or reply to the public.

Likely the good judge will pack “his” committee with cronies and maybe put one or two people on who have some background in parks/conservation — one or two people who will continually be outvoted by the Grendell minions.

Looks to me like more of the same old, same old!


John G. Augustine

Parkman Township


More Qualified Park Board Needed

Recently it was announced that a new Park Board Advisory Committee was to be formed  to help guide and administer the Geauga County parks. Protect Geauga Parks, Inc.  believes that this is the role of a properly constituted park board with input from involved citizens and not just a small cadre of friends.

On reflection, Protect Geauga Parks has sent to Judge Grendell a letter outlining the repeated failure of his boards to uphold the public trust he has given them. These failures include not undertaking an exhaustive search for the most qualified park director, not providing for a long-term or short-term vision for the park, not adhering to the desires of the public as expressed in repeated surveys, not reviewing adequately park projects and finances and funding pet personal projects of board members with public monies.

Because of these repeated failures, we have asked the judge to remove this board and to appoint people responsible and responsive to the public interest in this beautiful park system. These people should have business experience, conservation ethics and a willingness to work with all community groups.

For a full text of our letter go to


Ed Buckles

Vice President, Protect Geauga Parks, Inc.

Troy Township

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