Letters to the Editor—MapleLeaf, April 6, 2017

Original Park Vision

When I go to one of our county parks, I like to walk the trails, enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods, or a sunny meadow, or watch the fish jump for bugs flying above a pond. Now, it seems that the purpose of our parks is being changed, with new uses and activities that don’t fit with the original vision.

Do we really need snowmobiles to fill the air with loud noise and fumes? Since when did hunting become a “permitted use” of our parks? These noisy activities can and should be done elsewhere, but not in our parks, which were created for all to enjoy. Our parks should not be closed to us for “special activities,” but available for all to use at all times that they are open.

Do we really need climbing walls that cost tens of thousands of dollars? This non-passive park activity is available elsewhere, so why do we need them in our parks? It’s time that the park commissioners and director reread the original purpose for our parks and quit trying to turn them into redundant recreational facilities for specially selected groups.

Rosemary Balazs
Chester Township

‘Nary a Word’

Judge Grendell sent out a news release the week of Feb. 23 announcing the formation of a citizen’s committee to advise him on the operation of the Geauga Park District.

It stated that he wanted a group representing seniors, Amish, conservation, recreation, families and game management.

Since I am a senior and a former park district volunteer, I felt I would be a good addition to the group, so I called the listed phone number to express my interest.

This got me the voicemail of Kimberly Laurie where I dutifully left my contact information and waited for a return call.

Unfortunately, as of April 4, I have heard nary a word.

Was I rejected out of hand? Was the committee idea dropped? Or, is Ms. Laurie just late getting back to me?

I’d be interested in knowing whether others had the same experience.

Stan Piekos
Newbury Township

 Ill-Conceived Park

Welcome to Liability Land. Yes, that’s right, the newest park in the Grendell Park District.

This latest ill-conceived park development will feature a zip line and BMX bicycle course. (ER doctors should Google images of BMX bike accidents.)

But the crowning centerpiece of Liability Land will be a 12-foot poured concrete rock for crawling on. Yes, yes I know there are already hundreds of rocks in the Geauga Parks, but this one is special. It must be special. Why else would the park pay $110,000 for a hunk of concrete?

Now there are unsubstantiated rumors, rumors that this cement edifice will have a bust of his honor, Judge Grendell, formed at the rock’s apex, sort of like Mt. Rushmore.

Remember, that’s just idle talk. According to park officials this installation will be unsupervised for use by anyone.

So, after looking over the rendering of Liability Land, I can see only one change that will need to be made. An overflow parking lot will need to be added for the cars of all the personal injury lawyers who will be hanging around handing out their business cards.

Say, do you remember the guy on TV who says, “I‘ll make them pay?” Well, the “them” is “us.”

Dave Partington
Munson Township

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