Contact State legislators about HB 218

Our state legislators need to know that there is serious and widespread opposition to House Bill 218. Here is what you can do to make your opinion known.

The bill us currently under consideration by the House Committee on Government Accountability and Oversight. Contact every member of this committee and let them know that you oppose this bill. Of course, also contact your local State Representative so that they also know that you are against the bill. Here is a list of members of the committee and also our local Geauga County representatives. Call them all today.


Members of the House Committee on Government Accountability and Oversight

*Louis Blessing III  (Chair) District 29  (Western Hamilton County)   614-466-9091 

*Bill Reineke ( Vice Chair)  District  88 (Sandusky/Seneca Counties)            614-466-1374

Kathleen Clyde  District 75 (Portage County) 614-466-2004

*Keith Faber District 84 (Mercer/Auglaize) 614-466-6344

Timothy Ginter District 5 (Columbiana) 614-466-8022

Dave Greenspan District 16 (western Cuyahoga) 614-466-0961

*Brigid Kelly District 31 (Cincinnati) 614-466-5786

Bernadine Kennedy Kent     District 25 (Columbus) 614-466-5343

*Robert McColley             District 81 (Putnam,Henry, Williams) 614-466-3760

Dorothy Pelana District 86 (Union/Marion) 614-466-8147

Bill Seitz (BILL SPONSOR) District 30 (Cincinnati) 614-466-8258

*Ryan Smith District 93 (Jackson/Gallia/Lawrence/Vinton) 614-466-1366

Martin Sweeney District 14 (Cleveland) 614-466-3350

*Indicate representatives that sat on Finance Committee and heard the testimony when this language was part of the budget bill

For Email addresses:  go to

Click on each member to send a direct email. 


Geauga County Representatives


Representative John Patterson                 
District 99

77 S. High St
10th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone (614) 466-1405
Fax      (614) 719-6999
Email Representative Patterson


Representative Sarah LaTourette           
District 76

77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone (614) 644-5088
Fax      (614) 719-6998
Email Representative LaTourette

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