Letters to the editor—Maple Leaf, October 19

Stability Wanted in Park Management

I moved to Geauga County in 1973 with my late husband and infant son. We discovered a wonderful small park — what is now Russell Park. It was quiet, had a few swings and picnic table, and some walking trails.

The Cuyahoga River was a gentle place to take our canoe. We would sometimes see a turtle sunning on a log. Quiet electric motors were allowed, but we seldom saw any. There was a narrow path along the river and, as my son grew, we walked it often.

Some time ago, my grown son took his young daughter to see “his park.” I stood back and watched them walk along that same narrow path he had walked with his father. He told her that if she was very quiet, she might see a turtle on a log. It was like taking a trip back in time.

I remember years of stability and the obtaining of more land for more parks. I gladly voted for the tax that would ensure all these places would be managed and protected.

The past few years have troubled me: changing management people may times, forbidding public speaking at the park meetings, TV commercials urging people to come to the parks.

All the years I have lived here, no one ever needed urging to come.

I want stability in management back in our parks.

I want them to Preserve, Conserve and Protect all our beautiful parks.

I have written this on my own accord because I care about our parks.

Anne Burke
Burton Township

Real Motivation of TV Ads?

I read with interest that the Geauga Park District commissioners are discussing charging user fees for non residents and user fees for residents (taxpayers) for certain activities.

I’m not clear why the commissioners would approve a promotional budget north of $200,000 that includes expensive local television ads, which run on a fairly frequent basis, and then nickel and dime those parties.

What is the real motivation and benefit of TV ads for Geauga County taxpayers?

I can only imagine the pressure on the budget that would be reduced by eliminating the TV ads for Northeast Ohio. The taxpayers of Geauga County would be curious to know the reasoning behind these ads.

Please continue to support the efforts of Protect Geauga Parks and their attempts to pull back the opaque decision-making nature of the probate judge and the Geauga Park District park commissioners.

Bill Franz
Bainbridge Township

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