Geauga Park District April 10, 2018 Park Commissioner Meeting (5 parts)

Video recordings of the April 10,  2018 park board meeting are now available at the links provided below.

Beginning at 6:50 of Part 4 and continuing in Part 5, commissioner Lah reads the letter that he referenced, but refused to read, during the August, 2017 meeting. At the time, the letter was used to characterize Protect Geauga Parks as a dangerous organization which might incite violence against anyone who disagrees with our position on parks issues. Efforts to obtain the letter to verify its content have been, until now, thwarted by the Park District’s claim that the letter is not a public record. A ruling by the Ohio Court of Claims determined that the letter is indeed a public record and must be released to the public.

Mr. Lah’s reading of the actual letter shows that his characterization of its content during the August meeting was seriously exaggerated. The letter simply states one person’s opinion about what kinds of facilities should be available for public use within the parks and, aside from expressing the desire to avoid a debate about conservation issues, does not seem to express fear of any particular person or group, but rather a general uneasiness about walking alone through the park trails when no one else appears to be there.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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