Letter to the editor—Chagrin Valley Times, April 19, 2018

Public records are open to the public

Thank you to the Ohio Court of Claims Special Master for making it clear that information used in a public meeting by a public board must be made available to the public. One would think that this is common sense, but evidently Judge Timothy Grendell’s handpicked Geauga Park Board did not. Instead of being properly and reasonably chastised by the ruling, GPD board member Andreij Lah took the opportunity to once again introduce false and defamatory statements about a group of peaceful concerned citizens into the record of the park board meeting. This was a repeat of the assertions he made at a meeting in August, 2017 which he attributed to a letter he received from a person who will remain nameless here. Oddly enough, when the letter was dragged into the light, it showed little of the fear mongering that Mr. Lah expounded upon from his bully pulpit. This “gaslighting” about Protect Geauga Parks has been going on for a few years now with the same refrain and without one shred of truth. If there are people who are truly afraid to use the parks – could it be that this ridiculous, deceitful refrain is the cause rather than a group of concerned citizens?

Kathryn Hanratty


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  1. 6/7 Winery Ward 3..I must agree with residents’ concerns. We have several vacant buildings that can be restored or use property for new projects. NO MORE CLEARING OF TREES for business profits.


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