On Saturday, April 21 the Village of Middlefield and the Geauga Park District held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to announce the opening of the section of the Maple Highlands Trail that runs through Middlefield Village.

Middlefield mayor, Ben Garlich spoke along with John Oros from the park district and Adam Yoder of the Amish Old Order safety committee.

They spoke of the cooperative effort that it took to get this project completed. No mention was made of the fact that snowmobiles and ATVs had been included in the original plans, but Middlefield insisted that snowmobiles/ATVs be prohibited, before a final agreement was reached. (PGP is proud to have alerted the Mayor and Council to this flaw in the agreement.)

Mr. Yoder was pleased with the cooperative effort with the  village and the park district and that this section of the trail was made available to Amish buggies. This will take buggy traffic off the streets allowing them to travel where it is safer.




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