Park board considers budget projections

Chagrin Valley Times

June 14, 2018

The Geauga Park District Board of Commissioners wants to cover all their bases when it comes to budget projections and future levies.

Executive Director John Oros presented projections that assume county voters will renew a 1-mill levy that expires in 2019, but the board requested projections for if the levy does not pass.

“If we don’t get a renewal, what does that look like for us? This is telling us based on we have to get it renewed, but what if it doesn’t? We have to show the projection of when we will be deficit spending if that doesn’t happen,” commissioner Jackie Dottore said.

Mr. Oros said he would present the projections for a failure to renew the levy at the next meeting. The numbers with the levy renewal project a negative balance in the Beginning Land Improvement Fund starting in 2022, but an overall surplus with the district’s combined fund cash balance through 2028.

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