Letter to editor—Chagrin Valley Times, June 21, 2018

Parks turned into soccer fields?

Many of you folks know of the lovely park owned by the village of South Russell that abuts onto Washington Street just east of Chagrin Falls. The park is mostly a natural area with trails for folks to hike and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. The fields in the park are one of the few areas in this region where uncommon field nesting birds such as bobolinks are able to nest. Field nesting birds have been decreasing in population at an alarming rate for many reasons, one of which is habitat loss. Modern farming methods are not very amenable to these birds, as are many of the pesticides used, and they have further problems in their winter range that extends well into South America. The village has been considering developing a substantial part of this park as athletic fields for soccer as an example. Many of us feel we already have too much emphasis on sports in this land and the park should be protected as a natural area with passive recreation and habitat protection in mind, not as vacant acreage just waiting to be developed for the next sport or hobby to come along. Some in the village feel otherwise. What do you think?

I’m sure Mayor William Koons would like to know how you feel. Write to him at 5205 Chillicothe Road, South Russell Ohio 44022 or call him at the administration offices at 440-338-6700

John G. Augustine


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