Letter to Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, August 23, 2018

Park needs open discussions

Decisions that affect the public should be made in the light of public scrutiny. Behind the scenes conversations and public records requests are not an adequate substitute for thoughtful deliberation and discussion of issues in a public meeting.

A week before the Geauga Park District board meeting, I sent a request to each board member and John Oros requesting 3 minutes or less on the agenda of the Aug. 15 board meeting. My intent was to publicly ask, once again, that a reasonable time for public comment be reinstated at the GPD public meetings. I believe that this request should be made in public as a part of the permanent and public record of the meeting. There was no response from any board member or park Director John Oros acknowledging my request. When I arrived at the meeting I saw that there was no time allotted for my question on the printed agenda.

Near the end of the GPD board meeting, during commissioner time, Mr. Lah, GPD Board president, made a statement announcing that the public has plenty of venues to obtain information through public records requests and questions submitted in writing to Director Oros “so we are going to leave our meetings the way they are going.”

So, when was this decision made? Why are the park board and Director Oros afraid to hold open and honest discussions in public about their decisions that affect the public?

Kathryn Hanratty


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