Letter the editor: Chagrin Valley Times, October 4, 2018

Chagrin Valley Times
October 4, 2018

Late park advocate would not approve

It was of particular interest that I read Geauga County Probate Judge Timothy Grendell’s “From the Bench” in the latest issue of Geauga Park District’s “Park Explorer” news mailing. The good judge stated “Bob McCullough, long-time member of the Park District Board, would surely be smiling upon the natural beauty maintained at Claridon Woodlands Park.”

How strange. As one who had known Bob McCullough for nearly 40 years, I can honestly say that if Bob is looking down on the state of  the Geauga Parks District he surely does so with a deep and sad frown.

He would be aghast at  the huge tax dollars spent on amusements by Judge Grendell and park Director John Oros.

He would be aghast at the lack of public comment and questions allowed at the commission meetings.  Bob always encouraged questions and comments and always responded as a courteous gentleman!

He would be aghast at the very low priority of preserving fast disappearing natural areas by the park district. Protecting such special areas was the highest priority with Bob.

He would be aghast at the nearly $250,000 budgeted for advertising by the park district last year. I’ve been told that under Bob’s leadership $25,000 was about the most spent for such expenditures.

He would be aghast at hunting and trapping being promoted as “recreation” in our parks rather than wildlife management tools.

I could go on ad-infinitum.

If  his honor really thought so highly of Bob McCullough he would appoint park commissioners like Bob McCullough rather than folks typically with little or no past interest in parks and natural area protection. Any that approach Bob in stature are typically not reappointed or are summarily fired.

I urge all Geauga citizens, voters and appreciators of Bob McCullough to keep that in mind when they have an opportunity to vote for a new probate judge in autumn of 2020.   

John G. Augustine

Parkman Township

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