Russell Township Parks meeting—Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018

November 3, 2018

Russell Township

Shelley Chernin


The Russell Township Park Board held a special meeting today at 7 am. Below is a link to video of the meeting on YouTube. I realize that the audio is difficult to hear. It seemed that the commissioners spoke softly on purpose, even after they were asked to speak up. There was another video camera there, and I will provide you with a link to that video next week if the audio is any better than this one.

The board approved 2018 permanent appropriations of $84,926 (WOW!), increased the amounts of 2018 purchase orders for a number of items (including $20,000 for legal services and $14,000 for accounting services), and authorized a total of $6702 to 2 different attorneys just since the last time checks were approved on October 8 (where they paid out another $3622 to attorneys). They also changed their bylaws to meet quarterly instead of monthly (making the next scheduled meeting in January), and they ratified all actions taken since November 21, 2017 (presumably because the commissioners’ bonds were not filed as required by law before they were permitted to take any actions as commissioners).

The commissioners, Scott Wayt, Dennis Suhay and Donna Weiss-Carson, refused to allow any public comment. As you will hear on the video, the 15 or so people who came early on a Saturday morning to attend the meeting were not happy that we were not given an opportunity to speak to the commissioners.

Unless they call a special meeting, there will be no public opportunity to speak to the 1545 commissioners until January (if they decide to allow public comment at that meeting). Remember also that Geauga Park District, which now is operating our larger Russell 1545 parks pursuant to lease, NEVER allows public comment at their meetings. Russell residents now have NO VOICE in what happens to the parks we paid for with our Russell tax dollars.

Video link:

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  1. “…ratified all actions taken since November 21, 2017…? So do they really get a Mulligan here? They operated and spent tax dollars for over eleven months without proper authority. They should get a vacation to the county jail.


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