Protect Geauga Parks Honors the Heroes of Conservation for 2018


For the fourth consecutive year, Protect Geauga Parks is proud to honor Geauga County Heroes of Conservation. The annual Heroes of Conservation event took place today at the Munson Township Hall. Over one hundred people attended the event, including State Senator, John Eklund who presented special commendations from the Ohio General Assembly.

This year, Protect Geauga Parks selected Judy Barnhart, Greg Studen, and the late Nate Finck to receive the Heroes of Conservation Awards.

Judy Barnhart recently retired from Geauga Park District where she worked for thirty years as a Naturalist and Nature Education Coordinator. She is well-known and well-loved as an expert in Geology and Botany, especially native plants.

Greg Studen is an environmentalist by education with a Masters Degree in Environmental Health Science, and a conservationist at heart. His life exemplifies what it means to think globally and act locally in service to nature and community.

Nate Finck (1925-2012) served as the first full-time Naturalist hired by Geauga Park District and remained active as a Park volunteer after his retirement. He loved to be outdoors, exploring and enjoying the natural world, sharing his love and respect for the environment with children and adults.






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