Letter to the Editor, Chagrin Valley Times—July 25, 2019

Hold public discussions on Modroo

The Geauga Park District states, “The Mission of the Geauga Park District is to preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County and to provide the opportunity for people to appreciate those resources.”

After reviewing the plan for the Modroo Farm Preserve last week, I was taken aback by the release of a plan that did not involve any input by the neighborhood that will be affected by the plan.

Historically, when Donna Weiss Carson shared her plan for an entrance at a RTPB meeting, I contacted Joe Leslie with my concerns. I shared that a plan mirroring Uplands Park’s entrance and parking be the ideal goal. When I foresaw the shortcuts that are now inherent in the current Modroo Farm Preserve, I aired my thoughts to The Times.

The Chagrin Valley has numerous parks not far from the Modroo Farm Preserve. These parks have a positive or negative impact on the landscape and on neighbors. For example, Frohring Meadows is fraught with legitimate concerns by neighbors desiring to “preserve” and “protect” their landscapes. Why are plans put forth without regard to all the factors involved in generating a sensitive and complete plan?

I find the newly released Modroo Farm Preserve plan to be insensitive to the neighborhood. The project should be put on hold if lack of funding dictated the current plan. A meeting with Russell Trustees, the Geauga Park Board and the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with required notifications to neighbors, is needed for discussion now.

Let’s not allow this plan to be far underway as in Frohring Meadows before funds are spent, tempers are flared and property values drop. Instead, let’s do this right in order to protect the aesthetics of the new park, preserve our neighborhood and conserve a scenic Geauga road.

Deborah Gyllstrom

Chardon Township

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