Down to the Crossroads

Submitted by John Augustine

Parkman Township


We citizens are facing a “Y” in the road this March. March 17th is the primary election day here in Ohio. Tim Grendell and Matthew Rambo will be the only two folks running for the probate court judgeship on the Republican ballot. Whoever wins will be Probate Judge for the next six years, as no opponent will be on the November ballot. The winner in March will be unopposed in November.

If you wish an opportunity to have your voice heard in this matter, you need to request a Republican ballot on March 17. A Democratic or independent “issues-only” ballot will not give you that opportunity.

One path of the “Y” will lead to more wasteful spending like the over one hundred thousand dollars spent on a plastic climbing wall and over a million dollars spent to remodel the Nassau Observatory that did not allow the observatory dome to turn to all areas of the sky and still does not enable disabled folks to actually look through the Nassau telescope. That road will mean a Probate Judge who uses tax dollars for his own publicity and thus his own benefit.

The other path will mean bringing back honor to the probate court the likes of which Judge Chip Henry aspired to and demonstrated during his many years in office. Which path we take is up to you on march 17th.

So please do make your voice heard by voting for Matthew Rambo for Probate/Juvenile Court Judge in the Republican Primary.

Protect Geauga Parks endorses and supports Matt Rambo for Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge in the March 17 Republican Primary election.
Please request a Republican Party ballot and vote for Matt Rambo.

Protect Geauga Parks is a 501(c)4  non-profit corporation 
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or campaign committee.

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