Letters to Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, Feb. 13, 2020


Time for judicial change

I read the Chagrin Valley Times every week. I am not politically connected. I have noticed over these past few years many articles and editorials about Geauga County Probate and Juvenile Judge Timothy Grendell. Whenever I read something about the judge it mostly is in a controversial confrontation. Most people writing about him have uncomplimentary comments about him. Not knowing all the issues, it appears that the Judge likes to create unwanted issues that displease most people. Therefore, when I go to vote I will vote against him, in hopes a person easier to get along with will beat him.

Irv Bishko

Russell Township


Vote for Matthew Rambo

I am writing as a concerned citizen who has lived in Geauga County for many years. I am also a former employee of the Geauga Park District. I resigned in protest when three longtime employees were fired in 2014.

In the past six years, the current park district administration has, in my opinion, engaged in intimidation tactics directed toward employees and the public at large. Geauga Park District is the only park district in Ohio that does not allow public comment and input at its meetings. Park employees are forbidden from openly expressing their views on any matters relating to the park district to park visitors, members of the general public and even to park district board members. All of this intimidation and negativity comes from the very top of this organization, Timothy Grendell.

This is why I feel it is time to vote for Matthew Rambo for Geauga County probate judge. It’s time to elect a new judge who will set a new tone for Geauga Park District and for all of the citizens of this county.

Carol Gwirtz

Parkman Township

Support Russell park levy

It’s time for Russell Township voters to come together to take advantage of a very unique and special opportunity on March 17 to vote Yes for a 1 mill levy to fund our Russell Township Citizens’ Park District.

What makes this levy so unique and special? We know exactly where our money is going. The money generated by the levy will be used to purchase the gorgeous “Gallo Property” – 64 undeveloped acres of land on Music Street that back up to The West Woods. If we pass this levy, the Citizens’ Park District will purchase the “Gallo Property.” And better yet, the Citizens’ Park District has applied for a Clean Water grant that will pay for 3/4 of the purchase price! We are so lucky to have this cost-effective opportunity to keep Russell green!

What will happen to the “Gallo Property” if the levy fails and we are not able to purchase it? Most likely, it will be bought by a developer who will divide it into lots and build on it. This outcome would be sad indeed.

Historically, Russell citizens have valued our green space by supporting township parks with a 1 mill levy. The levy on the ballot on March 17 essentially replaces the former levy, which expired 2 years ago. The current levy will cost $35 annually for each $100,000 in assessed value of our homes.

Park lands purchase by the Russell Citizens’ Park District will remain under local control forever. The Citizens’ Park District answers ONLY to the Russell Township Trustees and the residents of Russell Township.

I love living in Russell Township. It is a rural oasis, and I hope it will stay that way for generations to come. The controversy surrounding our township parks over the last couple of years has been difficult, but the quarrels have ended. Let’s take advantage of this amazing opportunity to keep Russell special and unique. Vote Yes for Issue 3!

Shelley Chernin

Russell Township

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