Submitted by Damon Appel

March 9, 2020


Geauga County needs to vote MATTHEW RAMBO as its new Probate/Juvenile Judge on 3/17/2020.

From the archives, here’s another example of the current Judge Grendell’s tyranny, manipulation and chicanery:

In late 2014, Grendell ignored the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and filed Contempt of Court charges against the head of the Geauga County GOP, Nancy McArthur, for a comment she made about Grendell in a private email exchange between her and another person.

Well, THIS story is about the unceremonious conclusion of that ruckus: Yes, that’s right…after forcing McArthur to lawyer-up, and after spending nearly $20k of the People’s money on his own favorite, high-priced private attorney, Stephen Funk (at $375/hr), Grendell in July 2015 just…dropped the contempt of court charges, stating (correctly, for a change) that she had nothing to do with the juvenile case.

This wasn’t because Grendell suddenly became ‘a nice guy’. No, this is because McArthur was successful in taking the case to the 11th District Court of Appeals, who issued orders blocking Grendell’s actions, even going so far as to say that if her email commentary was true in any way (that Grendell “takes revenge on people who disagree with him”), she couldn’t be made to appear before him. My interpretation of this is that he would have had to recuse himself from the juvenile case and his contempt action against her, if he had pressed the issue of the charge.

In other words, Grendell HAD to drop his frivolous charge against McArthur, lest another judge be assigned to the entire matter (and likely rebuke Grendell). Grendell likes to brag about his case record having low appeals overturns. This is a joke, because, (as we can see in this case) his court ‘stats’ don’t account for reckless orders that he issues…and then retracts before anything comes of them. One can’t win a successful appeal (as cost-prohibitive as that may be) if the charges are suddenly dropped.

THIS is just one example of Judge Tim Grendell’s much-touted status as “legally experienced”. Twisted. Corrupt. Manipulative. Un-American. Stay tuned for more from the archives; that’s just a small part…

We need a Judge we can be proud of. We need MATTHEW RAMBO for Judge in the Republican Primary on 3/17/2020!

Protect Geauga Parks endorses and supports Matt Rambo for Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge in the March 17 Republican Primary election.Please request a Republican Party ballot and vote for Matt Rambo.

Protect Geauga Parks is a 501(c)4  not-for-profit corporation 

This communication is not authorized by any candidate, political party or campaign 

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  1. I know for a fact that the Judge took it out on the child and the child’s family. Free speech was not the only issue but that is what the press focused on. There are children and families at stake when he acts in an abhorrent fashion. But most of the people he has harmed are afraid to speak out. Instilling fear is a very ancient tactic to maintain power and control. People working around those cases who have not spoken out against it bear moral accountability for doing nothing. Some have spoken out and even walked away from dealing with that court.


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