Letters to Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, April 16, 2020

Restore dignity to probate court

The  Friday before what was supposed to have been election day, I received a  postcard from the Grendell campaign indicating that Matt Rambo was “under investigation” for “ethics violations’, the timing of which seemed designed to get this slur out into the public before the appropriate governing body could release its ruling that not only were the accusations unfounded, they were positively frivolous, with the sole intent of damaging Rambo in the upcoming primary election.

The Ohio Supreme Court Board of Professional Conduct went so far as to issue a cease and desist order to prevent the Grendell campaign from further dissemination of this slur, which of course was promulgated by Grendell patronage employee Kim Laurie.

This is just more of the same from Tim Grendell, who widely projects his own failings and shortcomings onto his opponents, a tactic widely used by those intent on holding onto power by any means necessary. Even Grendell supporters would have to stipulate that his administration has been far from a paragon of ethical probity, freely spending taxpayer funds while resisting any form of accountability to said taxpayers and conducting inadequate oversight of lawyers with access to funds from estates in probate. The entire episode is just one more example of Grendell’s unfitness for any public office, let alone a judgeship.

It’s high time to bid farewell to Grendell’s shambolic, crony administration and to restore dignity and accountability to the probate court. Geauga County voters deserve no less.

Tony Festa

Russell Township

Matt Rambo best choice

Did the devil make them do it?

“Deceiver” is another name for the devil.  Keep this in mind and think about the deception that judicial candidate Tim Grendell and his election campaign pulled on the voters of Geauga County.  Kimberly Laurie is a person who owes her job to Tim Grendell.  Who do you think whispered in Laurie’s ear and gave her the plan to file false charges against Grendell’s opponent?  That act being done, who do you think gave Grendell’s campaign the idea to mail a postcard to Geauga residents with the message that his opponent was facing ethics charges?  Do you see the deception here?  If you don’t want to be in league with the deceivers, then vote for Matt Rambo for Geauga County Probate and Juvenile Court Judge.  The truth is that Matt Rambo is the candidate with honesty and integrity on his side.

Kathleen Webb

Munson Township

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