Guide to Absentee Voting—Part 2

Once you have made certain that your voter registration is up to date, or registered as a new voter, if necessary (See Part 1), the next step is to request an absentee ballot from your local county board of elections. In Ohio, each county has its own board of elections, but there is one absentee ballot request form that is accepted in every county. You can download a copy of the form from your county board of elections website or from the Ohio Secretary of State website.

It is important to note that the form must be printed out, signed and returned to the county board of elections office either by US Mail or by dropping it off in person. You cannot e-mail the form and also note that it is not permitted to collect a number of forms from numerous individuals and  have them delivered by someone else. It is permitted for one person to drop off applications for a “near relative”—but you cannot collect completed applications from your friends and neighbors and deliver them in a batch.

Do this today! There is every reason to get the absentee ballot request to the board of elections as early as possible. Procrastinating will jeopardize your ability to exercise your right to vote!

Once the absentee ballot request form has been completed and delivered to the board of elections office, you can check that it has been received and entered into the system on the county board of elections website. For Geauga County residents, the Absentee Status page allows you to search for your name to check the status of your application.

This should work in an identical fashion in other counties since the link takes you to the Secretary of State website, but there could be some minor differences from one county to another.

The absentee ballots are scheduled to be mailed to voters beginning October 6. You can check to determine whether your ballot has been mailed on the same page as the link above.

Once you receive your absentee ballot in the mail, the fun begins.

The Ohio Secretary of State website has complete voter information at the Elections and Voting in Ohio page.

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This communication is for voter information only and is not authorized by any candidate, political party, campaign committee or government office.

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  1. I would encourage people to vote early in-person, given the post office situation and potential sabotage of mail delivery. Geauga County early in-person voting begins October 6, 7am-5pm, with longer hours 2 weeks prior to election day. Masks will be required and I believe they are also planning curbside in-person voting.


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