Train to be a master raingardener

In partnership with Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District, Chagrin River Watershed Partners will again be offering the Master Rain Gardener certification course for residents and professionals within Northeast Ohio. We would like to share this opportunity directly with our member communities, especially with any neighborhoods that may be experiencing flooding issues.
This course will teach participants how to design, install, and maintain residential rain gardens. Each course offers a two-track option, where participants can choose to receive a residential Master Rain Gardener or a Professional Rain Gardener certification. The residential certification is geared toward homeowners who would like to install a rain garden in their own yard and serve as the neighborhood expert on rain gardens. The professional certification is geared toward landscape professionals and contractors looking to install rain gardens professionally on residential properties.

For  more information download the flyer below and visit the CRWP website:


Master Rain Gardener Flyer 2021


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