Changes to legislation would promote drilling in Ohio parks

The Ohio House slipped a last-minute provision into the budget bill that aggressively promotes fracking/drilling on state public lands. This legislation would make it state policy to “promote” oil and gas drilling on Ohio’s public lands. Worse yet, it mandates that leasing revenues be used to promote more drilling.

Hunters, fisherman, boaters, hikers, campers, anyone using the public lands will be negatively impacted. Private gas wells and fracking are not what public land is about. There are plenty of private properties to drill on.

You can help!

Call and email these three Senators. (below) SIMPLY SAY:

“Please remove the proposed language changes to HB-110 regarding oil and gas leasing on public lands.”

Senator Matt Dolan, Chair
(614) 466-8056

Senator Theresa Gavarone, Vice-Chair
(614) 466-8060

Vernon Sykes, Ranking Member
(614) 466-7041

Our public lands are for all to enjoy-not for a few to destroy.

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