Santa gets the sack

Grinch Grendell terminates William Dieterle

Commentary by Dave Partington

Bill Dieterle, a Geauga county fixture, who portrays Santa Claus for sick children at his charitable organization, Santa’s Hideaway, resigned from the GPD park board. It was done in Judge Grendell’s usual secretive way. Park board members serve at the Judge’s pleasure. 

On Sept 20 we noticed a hearing regarding the termination of a Geauga Park commissioner was set for September 27 at 7am. It was scheduled on the Probate Court docket. No name was given, no additional information was provided.  Then on Friday Sept 24, the hearing was postponed till Oct 4. Later the docket was again changed to show that William Dieterle had resigned from the board and the hearing was canceled.  

At the next GPD board meeting, there was no mention of Mr. Dieterle’s resignation, his service to the board or the community. He just disappeared as if he never existed. One can speculate that Judge Grendell did not appreciate Mr. Dieterle’s speaking up at some board meetings. 

When Mr. Dieterle was reached by a reporter from the Geauga County Maple Leaf, he is reported to have said, “It wasn’t my idea”. So one more citizen, who volunteered to serve on Grendell’s Park board has been used up and thrown away.

Sorry Geauga, the Grendell grinch has given Santa Claus the sack.

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