Thompson Ledges Park increased in size

Commentary by Dave Partington

Thanks to a donation by R. W. Sidley Inc.,Thompson Ledges Park just increased by 26 acres. The donated land which abuts the existing park expands the park to the south.  

The Park is located east of Thompson on Leroy Thompson Road.  From the intersection of SR 528, head east on Leroy Thompson Road.  It’s less than a half a mile. The park has an open pavilion. It’s a perfect place to eat your packed lunch. Its right on the way if you are heading north up to I- 90. 

Thompson will be adding more walking trails on the new 26 acres to the already existing ones.

Part of this treasure is the townships stewardship of the park and it’s new overlook of the ledges. The overlook area provide a non-destructive and safe way to view the ledges.

It was on January 31,1941 that Thompson Ledges Township Park became an official township park. The park belongs to the township and is managed by a board of commissioners appointed by the township trustees. It is not part of the Geauga Park District. The park is maintained by funds from various sources. The largest comes from a trust by former resident Frances Spatz Leighton. The park commissioners do much of the work themselves.

R.W. Sidley is to be commended for the 26 acre contribution to Thompson Ledges Park.

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  1. Thanks for this news Dave! It’s just so refreshing – really heartening to see something like this happening independent of the Ohio and Geauga governments!

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