Today is Earth Day

By Dave Partington

For me, Earth Day started in 1970 when I first saw the Whole Earth Catalog. The catalog is a compendium of tools and supplies to live more lightly on the land. At that time, I was just a long haired hippie with a lot of pie-in-the-sky ideas. Since then, I’ve taken many of the ideas to heart and attempted to live more simply.  It’s not always easy in a complex world, but I am constantly searching for small ways to have a positive impact on the environment.  Recycle, reuse and refusing are ways to cut down on the mess we humans create. 

All of this is important. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see that the Geauga Park District is focused on building party centers instead of preserving more land. People say what’s the use and let’s just move on. Getting discouraged is rational, giving up is not. 

On this Earth Day please join Protect Geauga parks in advocating to Preserve, Conserve and Protect those incredible green spaces we have in Geauga County.

Keep the Faith,


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