Park District Board Meeting

The Geauga Park District Board meeting

Tuesday 2/9/2016 at 10:00AM at the Meyer Center in Big Creek Park

This meeting is VERY IMPORTANT! There is a BY-LAW Change being voted on that will give the Executive Director (John Oros) nearly unlimited ability to authorize funds. Important language that gave the GPD board the discretion to require a threshold for vouchers approved by the executive director have been removed and rather than requiring the Director to submit vouchers for approval, the new By-law says all vouchers “shall be RATIFIED by the Park Board.”

This change would make the Board irrelevant and give nearly all spending authority to the Executive Director (who receives his marching orders directly from Grendell).

Please Show up at this meeting. Make comments AND present your comments in writing to the board. Recent park board minutes are NOT fully reflecting the public’s comments.

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