Next Steps with Petition

Protect Geauga Parks has delivered our Petition for the Removal of Judge Timothy J. Grendell from the Office of Probate Judge to each of our State legislators in Columbus. Taking this action brings us one step closer to our goal.

What’s next? What more can we do?  What can you do?

  • For the many people that Protect Geauga Parks encountered who told us, “I support your cause, he’s got to go, but I’m afraid to sign”:  You can now call your State Representative and State Senator in Columbus, express your support for our request to remove Grendell, and tell them why you could not sign the petition.
  • For those who signed the petition and want to do more: Please call your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to take action on our request to remove Grendell. We LOVE our Parks, and Grendell will continue to cause serious and substantial harm to Geauga Park District until he is gone.
  • If you have not yet signed our petition: On our website,, you may click on the link to add your name, or look for our petitions at any of our upcoming events. After you have signed, please make a follow-up call to your State legislators.

Thank you for your efforts to Protect Geauga Parks!

State Senator John  Eklund:  (614) 644-7718

State Representative Sarah LaTourette:  (614) 644-5088

State Representative John Patterson:  (614) 466-1405


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