March 15 Primary Election—Candidates Questionnaire

Protect Geauga Parks has circulated a questionnaire to all political candidates running for County Commissioner and in  county-wide judicial races in the March 15 primary election in Geauga County. All but one of the candidates submitted responses to the questions. Since we are a not-for-profit 501 c4 corporation, we take no position on the worthiness of any candidate for office and will not endorse any candidate. We simply offer their responses to the questions for your examination. Our hope is that this will give voters more information on which to make a decision in these very important races for public office at the local level.

As we have learned through bitter experience, lack of information about candidates can lead to poor performance in office which has direct impact on the daily lives of everyone in our community.

You can read the responses to our questions on the special candidates pages listed under the CANDIDATES menu near the top of each page.

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