Letters to the Editor—MapleLeaf, March 17

Xenophobic Comment

The response from Judge Timothy Grendell regarding the critique of park affairs by Ms. Shelly Chernin revealed some surprising insights into the judge’s thinking.

Mr. Grendell regarded Ms. Chernin as a “transplant,” because she moved to Geauga County only four years ago from Greater Cleveland.

It made me wonder what other colorful euphemisms Mr. Grendell uses. Does he have a euphemism for persons who are visiting Geauga County? How about people who live outside of Geauga County? Do these people get different treatment in his court? Should they?

Mr. Grendell’s xenophobic comment was totally inappropriate for a sitting judge and he should either apologize to Ms. Chernin or else let residents know how many years it takes to change from “transplants” to “citizens.”

Mark Eckman

Chester Township


At a recent meeting of the Geauga County Commissioners, Skip Claypool recommended John Oros to be the conservation specialist from Geauga County to the NOACA Rural Advisory Council.

As a biologist and as an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist, and a Cleveland Museum of Natural History Naturalist Certificate recipient, I strongly object to this appointment. Mr. Oros has shown no evidence of a conservation ethic in his tenure as interim director of the Geauga Park District nor in his current position of executive director (an appointment made without interviewing 25 other applicants.)

Mr. Oros has repeatedly violated park rules and regulations and even ODNR restrictions. He placed recreation equipment at Bass Lake that was removed under orders of the EPA. He permitted illegal hunting on our state nature preserve, Burton Wetlands. He violated our parks NRM recommendations on trapping of nuisance animals allowing trapping in areas where no problems were reported. He permitted firing of primitive black powder weapons at a children’s program without adhering to the park rules and regulations regarding firearms in the park.

Most recently, he bypassed the Board of the Geauga Park District to issue snowmobiling permits at Observatory Park, another violation of park rules and regulations.

It was heartbreaking to see the mowing of a field at Swine Creek where monarch butterfly tagging had been held for years. It is now a muddy “baseball field” that has never been used.

In my professional opinion, John Oros would be one of the most unqualified individuals to represent the conservation issues facing Geauga County or any other area of northeastern Ohio.

Sandy Buckles

Troy Township

Disappointing Decision

I am writing to express my disappointment in John Oros’ decision to allow snowmobiling in Observatory Park. Or, was he following orders from Judge Timothy J. Grendell.

Nonetheless, once again the wishes of Geauga County residents go ignored. Per results of the Triad survey — which the park board chose not to acknowledge — only 4 percent of residents were in favor of snowmobiles in the parks.

I have concerns regarding the potential damage to the park, noise and disruption to wildlife. As a park hiker, I enjoy the quiet of nature, not the disruption of snowmobiles.

I strongly urge John Oros and the park board to reconsider snowmobiles in the park in favor of more passive activities.

Diane Mack

Hambden Township

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