Mill Creek Park Commissioner Resigns—Judge to form selection committe

In a surprise development in Youngstown, one of three Park Board Commissioners unexpectedly submitted his resignation. In a move unlike anything we’ve seen in Geauga County, Probate Court Judge, Robert N. Rusu, Jr., has announced that a selection committee will be formed to interview candidates and make a recommendation for a new Commissioner.


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mill Creek Park Board Commissioner Michael Senchak has resigned from the Park Board of Commissioners.

Senchak was appointed in January, and his term was expected to run through December 2018. Mahoning County Probate Judge Robert N. Rusu, Jr. said Senchak emailed him Thursday about the resignation, citing personal reasons for his departure.

Rusu, who is responsible for appointing commissioners to the board, said he is forming a selection committee to help screen potential applicants for the position. The committee will consist of people who are concerned with and who have a knowledge and connection to the park, Rusu said.

View the full story on the website of WKBN-TV in Youngstown.

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