Cellular Phone Towers in Geauga Parks?

Submitted by Sandra Buckles

Geauga Park District Executive Director, John Oros announced at the last Parks Board meeting that proposals for cell towers would be presented in the meeting tomorrow at Meyer Center Big Creek at 10 am. Since none of the board has any conservation background, I hope they will take the time to read this.:

I am quite disturbed that Executive Director Oros would even consider presentation of proposals for cell towers in our parks. As a biologist who has taught Ornithology for years and as a former education chair of a local Audubon Society, the very consideration of this proposal is contrary to every possible environmental ethic. Please take the time to read these two articles in the hope that rational scientifically based decisions can be made in keeping with the original mission of our parks.

Sandra Buckles, B. S. , M. S.

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