Letters to the Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, May 12, 2016

Loud, hate-filled aggression

On April 26, the Geauga County Tea Party held a meeting at the West Woods Nature Center. The primary speakers were Geauga County Commissioner Skip Claypool and Probate Judge Tim Grendell.

I attended to satisfy my own curiosity as to why a supposedly “neutral” probate court judge would be attending so many of these special-agenda tea-party meetings. I found myself surrounded by an angry, hostile attitude coming from most of the crowd and the speakers. Even the minister who gave his thoughts as he chaired the event spoke of the “evil government” and “evil non-U.S. citizens.” Shouting that “we (the tea-party members) need to act now to stop the tyranny” and that “God wants” us to do so. Wow! Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor”?

Mr. Claypool began his talk by calling the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency a “bunch of liars.” NOACA is a regional agency that works to keep our roads, bridges, water systems and much more in safe conditions for the greater public good. Mr. Claypool implied they are all Karl Marx-reading communists. He then said the NOACA Rural Council is a bunch of money-wasting cockroaches. These words will not encourage civil communications.

Mr. Grendell seemed to support Mr. Claypool’s methods. Mr.  Grendell used his time as speaker to defend his own aggressions toward our Geauga Park District.

Loud, hate-filled, fear-based aggression dominated this meeting. Isn’t this the same ideology that was used by Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Lundgren and even ISIS to sway its members into horrible acts?

Please stop the insanity. Wouldn’t we all be better served by practicing love, compassion and empathy?

Rick Webb, Munson

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