West Woods Hike

Hike The WestWoods with Protect Geauga Parks!

Take a walk in the woods with Protect Geauga Parks, led by renowned hiker Katherine Malmquist. This hike will be at a leisurely pace, with Katherine sharing tidbits about wildflowers, birds, and some interesting facts about the history of The Westwoods.

Sunday June 5th @ 2:00 PM The West Woods

This 902 acre park has a bit of everything — a variety of different woods, hills, caves, etc. We will do Ansel’s Cave Trail of about 2 miles and end with Discovery Trail of about .5 miles. There is an observation deck at the end where we will check out the view. This hike will have a couple of steeper hills and some ungroomed trails (aka: not a bridle trail) so good footwear is encouraged.

Hoping to see many of you on Sunday!

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