Action Alert! Trap hidden in budget bill to silence dissent

In another gross overreach of power by a local judge, a proposed amendment to the Ohio Budget bill, currently being reviewed by the Ohio Legislature would allow judges even MORE expanded power over park districts AND the ability to penalize and fine groups that the judge deems “interfering” with the park district.  In our opinion, this is an underhanded way to change the law without public scrutiny which is intended to have a chilling effect on anyone who would dare to oppose the judge or his appointed board.

Please read this article from Cleveland .com

Also – The text of the amended section is attached below (all underlined text is NEW language being added)


Contact your legislators and ALL members of the Ohio General Assembly Finance Committee (listed below) and say:

1. I am calling about the budget bill – House Bill 49

2. Specifically about the proposal that would allow judges in fine Ohioans opposing park district actions. (changes to Ohio Revised Code 1545.06)

3. I am a citizen and taxpayer.  I want this language REMOVED from the budget bill.

For supporters who want more suggested talking points

I am a citizen and taxpayer. I want this language REMOVED from the budget bill because: 

 This is meant to have a chilling effect on public participation

 Enforcement of the language may violate citizen’s rights as guaranteed by the 1st,  4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution

 This is a sneaky underhanded way of changing Ohio law without public input. 

 This it is a blatant example of judicial overreach 

 Will cost state money due to myriad of lawsuits

  Micromanagement by the judge will Increase delays in probate court docket 

Numbers and e-mail addresses for local reps/senator  (NOTE: A phone call or hand-written letter is far more effective than e-mail.)

Rep. Sarah LaTourette.  614-644-5088

Rep. John Patterson.    614-466-1405

Sen. John Eklund.        614-644-7718

Members of the House Finance Committee can be contacted by clicking on each name on this site:

Below is the link to the actual text of the amendment as submitted (proposed changes to the current law are underlined).

132HB49-HC1793 (1)ORC ammendment

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  1. Here is the reply I received from State Senator Ecklund’s office: State Senator John Eklund
    11:21 AM (21 minutes ago)

    to me
    Dear Robin Neff,

    Thank you for contacting Senator Eklund’s office regarding park districts in House Bill 49 (Ohio’s Biennium Budget). Senator Eklund is aware of this proposal and it is not clear if this language will get into the Ohio House of Representatives version of HB 49. If this language does get in, it will get a thorough review in the Ohio Senate. Should you have additional questions in regards to this issue or any other state related matter, please feel free to contact our office.


    Elizabeth M. Cassell
    Senior Legislative Aide
    Senator John Eklund
    Ohio Senate
    Phone (614) 644-7718


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