Budget amendment repudiated by Mahoning County Probate Judge

Mahoning County Probate Judge, Robert Rusu, stated in an interview with WFMJ Television News that he is against the proposed amendment to the Ohio Budget bill that would grant sweeping new authority to probate court judges to place fines and other penalties on anyone they accuse of “interferance” with the policies of a park district. The amendment is yet to be sponsored by any member of the legislature, but all evidence points to Tim Grendell as the original source. If enacted into law, the amendment would allow an end-run around the judgement against Grendell that was handed down by Judge John Lohn last February. It also could be used to bring charges against anyone who speaks out against any policy of the park district.

See the full video of the story from WFMJ here:

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  1. I responded to your post about how to contact state Reps and Senators. Grendell’s Modus Operandi is to shut down speech and defame and degrade his opponents. He even uses children in the families of his perceived “enemies” to serve his ends. I wish more people would realize that lawyers give up their first amendment rights and the third branch is like a cult and it goes back to the middle ages! I wish! Until that is addressed, our freedom will continually be challenged by abusive judges and lawyers. My ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War. We are an evolving democratic republic and we have to keep improving. Grendell and many others in that third branch, the legal system, truly lose their understanding of what freedom means. Truly.


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