Lease of Modroo and other properties

Russel Township

October 22, 2018


The Russell Township Park District (1545) voted unanimously tonight to lease some (not all) of their property to Geauga Park District for 15 years, with 2 automatic 5 year renewals. Both park districts must agree to terminate the lease for the automatic renewals not to take place. So, it’s a 25 year lease unless both parks agree to end it at 15 years or at 20 years.

The lease applies to Russell Uplands, Modroo, Westwood School Land Lab and a property on Sperry Road. The affected properties are listed in an attachment to the lease. I don’t have the full lease to share here. It will be posted on the Russell Township Park District (1545) website within the next few days.

Click the link below to view a draft of the proposed lease.

Russell:GPD lease

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