The Great Grendell Land Grab is complete

Geauga Park District special meeting- October 23, 2018

The great Grendell land grab is complete. Tuesday morning, October 23, less than 24 hours after Grendell’s Russell 1545 park board approved the giveaway of Russell-owned parklands to the Geauga Park District, both park districts entered into a lease that approved the takeover of parks owned and paid for by Russell Township residents.The  decision was arrived at in a secret “executive session.” Voting took place after they returned to the public portion of the meeting. The vote was 2 to 1 to approve the land grab.

This was referred to as a “special meeting”  called explicitly for the purpose of the takeover vote. No other significant business was conducted.

Other notes

Meeting started at 8:30 am

Public comment continues to be prohibited

All 3 Park board all members were present.

Attorney Dale Markowitz was present for both open and executive sessions.

The no vote was cast by Andre Lah who appeared to be particularly surly.

After the meeting the press asked board President Mr. Lah to explain the decision. He responded “No comment.” So much for interaction with the community.

Mr. Lah was absent for last month’s regular Geauga Park district board meeting. He seemed particularly unhappy with the takeover decision. Is there a rift beginning to develop between the probate court and Mr. Lah?

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  1. This is a rather obvious attempt to prevent the Russell 511 park district from eventually taking control of the land and facilities currently held by the financially troubled 1545 park district, regardless of the outcome of the competing levy campaigns currently on the ballot.


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