Brief “Very Brief” Summary of a very brief meeting

EDITOR’S NOTE: The scheduled meeting of the Geauga Park District Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 resulted in serious embarrassment for the Park District. Apparently all the changes of time and venue, intended to keep pesky members of the public off balance and unable to attend regularly, was too much for the members of the board as they failed to gain a quorum for the meeting—which was, however, attended by 20 of the aforementioned citizens.

Geauga Board of Commissioners Meeting Tuesday March 12, 2019
Affelder House – Geauga Park District

By Barb Partington

Approximately 20 residents attended this meeting that was held at Affelder House.
Park Attorney, Ranger and representatives of the Ohio Horse Council were in attendance.

Mrs. Dottore did not attend.
Mr. Bates was in attendance

After a period of waiting, it was announced that Mr. Lah had forgotten about the meeting and would not be attending, so the meeting had to be cancelled. It will be rescheduled at a later date. John Oros was very apologetic.

Since the Geauga Ohio Horseman’s Council representatives were in attendance to give a presentation, they were invited to make their presentation even though there was no official meeting – this was a nice gesture as there was a good sized audience to hear the presentation. Cecilia Hanish spoke about the history of the collaboration between the Park District and Horse Council. They presented to the Park District a grant for $2000 for trail improvement at Holbrook Hollow (formerly Ellerin). John Oros gave a very nice, personal commemoration of the late Nora Stanton and her involvement with the Horse Council.

It was disappointing that the two board members were not present to hear the fine presentation by the Geauga OhioHorseman’s Council members.

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