Letter to Editor—Chagrin Valley Times, Sept. 12, 2019

Children deserve shoes

People love to write letters to the editor quoting scripture. But I’m just not that theologically sophisticated. So I’ll just quote an old gospel song. “All God’s children got shoes, when they get to heaven gonna put on their shoes and walk all over God’s heaven.” Stay with me now and I’ll explain. 

If you visited the Great Geauga County Fair you likely saw the booth of Geauga County Juvenile and Probate Judge Timothy Grendell topped with an 8-foot inflatable gavel. You may also have been handed a toy trinket gavel or a rubber bracelet with Judge Grendell’s name emblazoned on it. According to public records Geaugaians paid about $7,500 for this stuff. That’s right – it was paid for with public money. That’s our money that he spent on Grendell self-promotion. I expect that you could think of dozens of better ways to spend this money.

For example, as a Juvenile Court judge, Grendell undoubtedly sees dozens of children who are placed in foster care due to the opiate crisis. These innocent victims have little or nothing going for them. So, let’s ask how many back-to-school shoes, clothes and bookbags would that $7,500 buy?

Now we can return to that gospel song at the beginning. “…when foster kids from Geauga County get to heaven, then they’ll get shoes…” cause they sure aren’t going to get them from Judge Grendell, the judge who lacks judgment.

David Partington

Munson township

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